Wednesday, March 23, 2011

25 Weeks!

Dear Braxton Hicks, I hate you. You can just disappear now.

UGHHH they sucks so bad. I know how to fix them, but sometimes I just can't. For example, on Monday while driving home (from my parents house!), and sure enough they started up in the car. They don't really's just a lot of pressure. Jade (my doula/bradley method teacher) described labor as a blood pressure cuff around your abdomen...and that sounds about right for these contractions. I had them one after was not fun to drive with. You can make them go away by relaxing, drinking water and sometimes just breathing...well relaxing while driving (like laying down with my eyes closed!) is impossible and drinking water is hard because then I'll have to pee sooner. I did breath though, obviously :)

Also I have heartburn that is radiating in my knee caps (hahaha love Juno!!). Honestly though this might be the worse symptom. I have meds for it, but I'm trying not to overdo the medicine...I mean I haven't had anything other than prenatals since I found out I was I only take it at night, even though I could take it more often that. Eh, it'll be okay.

On another note, C weighs almost 2 lbs and is just under 13.5 inches. And I'm huge. Like I joke that my belly gets into the room before me...but it's totally true.

So I did some fun stuff last week, my mom and in laws and myself went to a baby and kids consignment sale and got some great deals. I bought a bumbo seat with tray, boppy pillow, extra crib and cradle sheets, sleep sacks, onesies, and some toys. My mom has a fancy washing machine that has a "sanitary" everything soft has been washed, and I'll wash it again when I wash all of the rest of his clothes/sheets/blankets/etc before they go in his dresser. OHHH and I bought his car seat, base and extra base off of No shipping and no tax! Thank you Army :)

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