Monday, March 7, 2011

23 Weeks!

It's pretty crazy to know that we are already 23 weeks. This is flying by. I'm getting huge. Hopefully I don't get yelled at when I go to the doctor in a week. I gained a lot last visit, but since then I've mostly been maintaining...I can't lose any right now, but I can actively go against gaining anymore (at least all at once!). I just finished a prenatal yoga video, I enjoyed it...though I'm not sure C did. He was supposed to be all mellowed out because of it, but nope...he started kicking. And then I played his song afterwards and he was really kicking. His song is Return to Pooh Corner, I love how you can transpose Christopher Aaron where it says Christopher Robin, it is just perfect! He kicks during it, DH says it's because he wants me to stop singing...thanks a lot hubby!!

I'm going to try and alternate walking Abby and yoga everyday. So yoga was today, walk is tomorrow...he likes that better I think. It's more active for my crazy active little boy! :)

I also have noticed that I don't drink enough water (well I didn't JUST notice it...I've noticed it since I found out I was pregnant!). I TRY....but not hard enough. So let me grab my water...

On a side note (well more just back to the Return to Pooh Corner song!) I really love Kenny Loggins. I've always liked him, but I love him even more. He is so easy to sing along with, and that's something I love to do. Better to sing Kenny Loggins than some other songs I normally sing. Let's try to give this kid the best start we can by NOT introducing rap quite so early :)

Some stats on baby C. He is about the size of a papaya. Just over a pound and about 11 inches long. Such a big boy :)

More later on, probably on Friday...I have my first Bradley Method Class on Thursday!! And then my 24 week appointment on Monday. Told you this was going fast! :)

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