Monday, January 31, 2011

18 Weeks

HELLO baby bump! I'm officially in maternity clothes (you know those sexy maternity jeans with the blue waist?? Oh yeah, they're hot :) But I have had fun in Motherhood lately. I bought some nice shirts that make me feel pregnant and not fat. Which at this point in time it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant and NOT just fat :)

Oh on a side note (major side note...but still a side note!): We are having a BOY! I'm fairly certain his name will be Christopher Aaron. I'm not asking if you like it, because it's our name. Keep your opinions (negative ones at least!) to yourself :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

17 Weeks

Apparently my child is a whopping 5.1 inches long (head to rump :) and weighs a whole 5 ounces. Watch out :)

I still occasionally feel flutters...I can't wait for the real kicks and when I can feel the baby move all the time. Though I think that wish is like wishing your child would learn to crawl, or walk, or heck even potty train. It's all good in theory, but the moment you have a one year old that's trying to walk (SLOWLY!) everywhere or a three year old that tells you they have to ten minutes too change your attitude. Wasn't carrying them and changing diapers so much EASIER?!? I know, I know...even my 5 inch long child has to grow up sometime.

DH and I have (I think) agreed on a boys name, Christopher Aaron. If you know our last name than you know our child will have his hands full learning that whole name. Poor kid. But if my name can be just as long, alright 2 letters shorter but STILL, then he'll get used to it. And he'll probably be Chris anyway :)

But for girls. Sheesh. How is it so hard?? He did say he liked Hannah. Which is a step in the right direction...considering how it's the first girls name he's said he liked. And I've given tons of it's not for lack of me trying! I know you're probably thinking it's only 17 weeks...we have time (unless this is who I think it is and she will totally understand!) but I'm the kind of person that I want everything to be planned out. Including, especially including, the baby's name.

So I ran yesterday morning. At a slow pace, only a 10 min/mile. And I only ran one mile. (I really had to I did the best I could :) But then I got a really funny comment from someone saying to be careful or my water could break. At 17 weeks. Oh okay. I've heard a lot of reasons for not running, or even exercising at all, during pregnancy...that tops them all I think! The funny thing is, she's pregnant with her second child so she really believes this. Where did these beliefs come from? Why is it that doctors or midwifes tell people this? I know some pregnancies do not allow for any type of exercise and that's different. I'm completely healthy and pretty active. Besides the more active you are during pregnancy the easier you're labor should be. I for one am all for making labor easier!

On a side note, I found a doula and registered for Bradley Method classes. I WILL have this child without medicine. It's just my personal belief. It's something I have to do, for me. In order to do this I want to be as prepared as possible. And I want DH and my close, completely high strung friend to be comfortable too :)

I am completely out of non-maternity pants. I haven't zipped them in awhile but it's too the point where the zipper bothers me. So hello maternity jeans.

Oh and I can no longer suck my tummy in. Hello baby bump as well :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cloth Diaper Collection (so far!)

I've been told I should use such and such brand and not get so many because it'll be confusing by several people, but my baby's not here yet and I have no idea which kind will work best for us! So far I have Bum Genius pocket/aio diapers, Gdiapers, Ragababe, Diaper covers, Kissluvs, prefolds, and a few others.

For some reason the pictures aren't uploading now...I'll finish this post later on :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

16 Weeks...

...we've still got a while to go!

So I'm still not feeling pregnant, but apparently I'm starting to look pregnant!

Thank you, Elisa, for being my photographer! We had tons of fun taking picture after picture. She's getting used to my "fat or pregnant" game we've started playing. After each pose or picture I immediately say, FAT OR PREGNANT. Of course she answers pregnant...but that's because she loves me :)

My only complaint is the nightmares. Before I had "nightmares" that were just extreme emotion charged dreams...not necessarily scary though. Now they are scary. Real scary. And so real. And the worst part is even when I get up to go to the bathroom (so I get all the way up, not just half awake or anything!) and then go to fall back asleep, I find myself in the SAME dream. It's extremely messed up. And apparently they only get worse. Lovely. The worse dreams are the ones where I think I'm spotting. I wake up immediately, run to the bathroom and nothing. It's really annoying, that's for sure.

I am also starting to stock up on cloth diapers. I have some favorites now, but I don't know what I'll lean towards when the baby gets here. I showed Elisa some of the AIO (All in Ones) today and she said oh it's just like a normal diaper. Yes ma'am. That they are. The cloth wipes were a little too much for her though :)

I can't wait until the next picture time...20 weeks!! I'll be halfway next time. DH will be 4 weeks closer to being home (because it's 4 weeks from now, duh!) and then HE can be the one taking the pictures. (Though I have a feeling Elisa still might take them...just because she likes to :)

Until next week...or sooner if I get more diapers in, I can't wait to post pictures and specs of what I have so far :)

OH! I almost forgot to say that I think I felt the baby for the first time! I was getting my haircut at Style America on the 15th and I felt the popcorn popping feeling people talk about. That's exactly what I felt! I felt it a few times later that day. Then nothing on the 16th. And then once today! It's so stinking cool. I can't wait until I feel "real" kicks :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

15 Weeks Today!

Apparently I'm carrying an orange in my belly...which is crazy because I STILL don't feel pregnant at all. I know, I know...I'm lucky. I still wish the baby made me feel something. Besides having to pee a lot. :)

Let's recap the last few weeks, shall we?

DH came home for R & R in October. And that led to baby. I found out I was pregnant on November 1, 2010. DH was already back in Afghanistan when we found out. Let's just say that getting a hold of your spouse for something like this is not easy. I emailed, texted, called AND finally got a hold of him. He was shocked. Once the shock wore off he was (and still is!) thrilled! I went to my PCM on November 3 and got confirmation via blood test. Then the fun started! We had to wait forever on Tricare to decide where I would be for prenatal care and the delivery. Blanchfield Army Community Hospital took my case. Therefore, 9 1/2 weeks pregnant I had my first OB appointment! Which basically meant I filled out a ton of paperwork. The next one was really fun though! I got to hear the baby's heartbeat AND see the baby on the u/s. It even kicked while we were watching!! I'm due on the 4th of July, which is pretty stinking cool! :)