Monday, April 25, 2011

29 Weeks

...written at 30 weeks. OOPS :)

So last week I went to my parents house in GA, and spent the whole time on the go! You know how when you go on "vacation" and end up spending the whole time in the car trying to see everyone you don't normally see?? That just about sums up my week!

I had a 3d/4d u/s and got to see baby C. He is adorable of course and looks just like DH. So much for looking like me :)

 The first thing we were able to see are his legs, crossed at the ankles...this is how I sit all the time!

Crying :)

 Sticking his tongue out!!

 Sucking his thumb sideways

 Hi my name is Christopher :)

 His foot that is directly under my rib cage on the right side. His feet stay there...

He looks like DH :) 

Chubby little cheeks!

Baby C is head down already! Yay baby C! Hopefully he'll stay that way :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

28 Weeks

It seems like as we get farther along, I get slower at posting! Well considering how it is not yet 10:30 pm on Sunday night and my weeks change on Mondays I guess I'm still on time for the 28 week blog!!

So the biggest disappointment of the week was the fact that my ultrasound was cancelled. Twice. RIDICULOUS. I get how people get sick. And I forgave you the first time. But the second time? I'll take my money and go elsewhere...thanks. (This would have been an elective 3d/4d u/s) Anyways, it was hugely upsetting. So I looked around for places in GA and found one near where my parents live and made an appointment for NEXT week. SOOOO I'll be able to post pictures for my 29 week blog! The best thing about moving it to GA is that now my parents and in laws will be able to come which will be neat. So the only person that won't get to see baby C is DH. :)

Speaking of C (since this is supposed to be a blog all about him!), he is approximately 2.25 pounds and almost 15 inches long. Thinking of him at 15 inches is crazy, considering how most babies are between 17-22 inches when they are born. He's getting so big! He kicks like crazy. All the time. Really...all. the. time. His most active times are between 0400-0700 and 1800-2200...or just whenever he wants. It does seem like he sleeps more during the day. I like to say that I rock him to sleep :)

I've been thinking of how to describe what it feels like when he moves around in my belly and I think I've figured out a comparison. It almost feels like your stomach growling...but it's not, it's him. Now I'm not talking about the kicks. Those are just like jabs coming from the inside (which are no longer cute and he hurts a lot of the time!). But when he's rolling around that's what I think the feeling reminds me of!

On a side note, Abby is passed out and snoring. It's making me smile. :)

I'm so ready for DH to come home. Just a few more weeks! This year has been HELLA long.

28 Weeks 5 days, about to go to my cousin's wedding yesterday! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

27 Weeks!

Getting BIGGGGGG is the story of the week. It's ridiculous! I'll post pictures with my 28 week blog, but just take my word for's crazy.

So I've ordered my diaper bag, Ju Ju Be Be Prepared in black/silver. See LOVE IT! I can't wait until I get to use it! I also got my Ergo Baby Carrier. It's amazing. Though it doesn't snap around me right now...I hope it's just because I'm pregnant and I'm not really too fat for it!!

So C gets the hiccups all the time, they are cute but sort of annoying (iggnoying like one of my Operation Hero kids said!). Also the kicks are no longer cute, they hurt. It's like he does it on purpose now! Jerk :)

C is about 15 inches long and just about 2-2.5 lbs. Getting bigger!!

So this past week I've had my glucose test and rhogam shot. The Rhogam shot didn't hurt at all! And my glucose drink was amazing. But I have a craving for fake orange stuff so that could explain that. After my test I had some time to kill so I ate at the PX and discovered my new favorite food...RANCH DRESSING!! Yum! :)

Alright more next week!

(Are you counting down for July as much as I am???)

Friday, April 1, 2011

26 Weeks

Well since it's already Friday, I guess I'm technically 26 weeks and 4 days, but hey...who's counting? :)

So this has been a rough week, and none of it has to do with the baby. Our soldier's suffered a major blow. I'm just really ready for them to ALL be home. Just a few more weeks...but they can't end soon enough. I can't wait until DH is home, I miss seeing his face and hearing his voice. I joke that he won't know how to talk to me for longer than 30 minutes a week...but in reality it's not funny at all. It's actually very sad. If you're reading this and have your SO home please hug him tight. It's hard being alone. It's really hard to be alone for a year. We just passed our 11 month mark. One more month. Just one more month.

Alright back to baby C! So my child has a closet full of clothes (but barely any NB clothes!). I buy only on clearance. I'm actually being pretty good, it could be worse :)

He is getting big. Apparently my uterus is the size of a basketball. Ridiculous. What to Expect says the baby is about the size of a cucumber. He's about 15 inches and 2.2 lbs. What a chunk :)

So DH said I can get another 3d-4d u/s for our anniversary. I'm so excited. I'm going in 2 weeks and I can't wait to see my little soccer player (he kicks me ALL DAY LONG!)!