Monday, June 20, 2011

37 Weeks

So this has been an interesting week for our family. Friday afternoon contractions started...they were about 20-30 minutes apart, not really going away but not getting stronger. They were waking me up throughout the night, but like I said, not really getting stronger. Saturday brought more of the same. Saturday night they got really close 3-5 minutes. My doula suggested we go to sleep and see what happens. They continued through the night, but weren't really that strong. Now Sunday they were getting much stronger. They were starting in my back and moving forward. They never really got closer than 7-8 minutes, but they weren't stopping. Can you say frustrating??? I sure can. My 38 week appointment is on Monday so we decided to just wait until then so we can see what is going on. I wish he would either come or the contractions were stopping...

Basically this is what my doula calls the "putzy putzy" stage. Nothing really changing. Nothing really progressing. I'll update this later on so I can post what the midwife says! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

36 Weeks

So DH, Abby and I went to GA for our baby shower and had such a wonderful time. We got to see a lot of friends and family that we haven't seen in a very long time...some as long ago as the wedding!! We got the last few things we needed and lots of clothes (which we got hardly any of last time...just the differences between guys and girls!!), which was awesome :)

On a side note, C is getting huge. He literally takes up my whole belly. DH and I were driving home yesterday and he was feeling the baby's foot and trying to find his back...I said something like here, you can feel him right here and DH said while moving his hand all over my belly, and here and here and here. Yep...all over. Apparently he's about 18 inches long and maybe 6.5 pounds now. So about the size he'll be when he gets here!!

It's very hard to believe that the next time I see my family I will have a baby. Literally in less than a month there will be an infant in our household...that is a very, very strange thought.

Monday, June 6, 2011

35 Weeks

Well our household had an interesting night last night (which at 35 weeks, 6 days it applies to this blog!). After about 3.5 hours of pretty regular contractions I finally called my doula, Jade. She advised me to go ahead and call Labor & Delivery. The advice I got was pretty standard since I'm under 36 week, they said come on in. Once we were there, DH and I went to a triage room and I gave a urine sample and then got hooked up to the monitors. ....on a side note, do you realize how hard it is to pee in a cup when you can't see into the toilet??? It was ridiculously hard.... It was neat to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Also very strange to see my contractions and the correlation of his heartbeat and my contraction (during one his hb would speed up). Anyways, turns out I was hydrated enough and because I was only about 1.5 hours short of 36 weeks the midwife on call said she wouldn't want to give me anything to stop labor. I could in fact be in early labor, but I wasn't dilated at all so she gave me an ambien to "make my uterus go to sleep". She just told me to come back if any of the normal things happened: water broke, bleeding, contractions were so bad I couldn't walk or talk through them.

So I took the ambien and promptly fell asleep (but that could have been just because it was 11:30 at night!). I woke up a few times to more contractions and they have continued today, but not serious enough for me to want to count them. I know they are happening pretty frequently, and we've resolved the fact that we probably won't have a July baby, though hopefully he'll stay nice and comfortable until AFTER the weekend because we are going to GA for our baby shower! I'm super excited about it. I just hope baby C cooperates :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

34 Weeks

Well....since I didn't post last week I figured I'd post pictures we took last week instead :)

I bought a groupon for Picture People, it was pretty good...though I don't know if I saved any money in the end or not. Oh well. It was fun to have our picture made :)

My favorite one :)