Monday, May 23, 2011

33 Weeks

OOPS! I forgot to write during week 33, so here I am at 34 weeks writing my 33 weeks blog :)

We had our birthing class this past was okay. It's incredible how many people go into labor/birth without knowing what will happen. Our class was supposed to last from 10-2...we were done by 11ish. And that included a tour of the delivery room. the heck is someone supposed to be ready for this after that amount of "training"??? Do you not train for months for a sporting event or say a marathon?? How is this any different? The average labor can last a long while...come on people, get prepared for something this important?? I've been taking birthing classes for the past 10 weeks, and I couldn't imagine this without them. AND I'll have a doula there. I doubt I'll even be prepared enough for this!

Whew. Enough ranting. We also had our 32 week appt. It wasn't bad! I should have gotten yelled at for my weight gain, but they were busy so I don't think my midwife even noticed. On the bright side DH got to see baby C on an ultrasound and hear is heartbeat. I am so thankful they did that for us. It's hard because he's been gone the entire time, and seeing your baby via skype and email just isn't the same! :)

I've gained almost 40ish pounds. I weigh more than I've ever even dreamed of weighing. It's awful. I HATE being this big. I love being pregnant, and I am convinced we will have more children, but I just hate the end of the pregnancy. I'm tired. Ready for baby. And ready for my body to be back!!

This week should be a busy one, we'll be traveling a lot. From Wed-Sat we get to be all romantic by ourselves for our "babymoon"and then we'll be spending time (Sat-Mon) with DH's brother and his sweet family. We haven't seen our niece in months, and she's growing like a weed. We can't wait to be there with them :)

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