Sunday, May 8, 2011

31 Weeks

What a WONDERFUL week!! My DH came home from his one year deployment this past week...that was incredible and definitely the highlight of my month!

The next best thing that happened is that he got to feel baby C kick for the first time. The look on his face was priceless. He now keeps his hands on my belly and lights up when C is moving (which is all the time now!). It is the coolest thing ever and I truly feel like I'm getting to experience all the firsts again now that he is home!

Apparently baby C is about 16 inches long and weighs about 3.5 pounds...though those are the stats for 31 weeks and I am 31 weeks 6 he may be bigger by now! Sometimes I wish my belly had a sunroof so I could see what he's doing in there :)

OH! And we went to Once Upon A Child just to look and ended up buying our pack n play. It seems smaller than the other ones out now which is good because we have next to no space available. It's really very cute. A few weeks before baby we'll have to move our room around again so it can go next to my side of the bed for the first few months...then he'll move in to his crib, which we also got thanks to my in laws! DH is going to set that up in a few weeks and I can't wait!! I also can't believe that we are almost to the 8 weeks countdown. That's if he even waits until his due date...which going early is entirely possible considering how big I am already!

This next weekend we have our first baby shower and I cannot wait. I'm so excited about it :)

And then after that we have our birthing class at the hospital, complete with a tour and my 32 weeks visit (I'll actually be 33 weeks, but I really wanted them on the same day and because I'm low risk my midwife said it was fine!).

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