Sunday, May 15, 2011

32 Weeks

Oh what a fun weekend!! We had our first baby shower and oh how our friends and family blessed us. I was convinced that no one would buy us expensive gifts (because, I sure as heck wouldn't spend like $100 on someone I barely knew...but that's just me apparently!), but boy was I wrong. These guys spoiled us and baby C rotten! This shower was mostly for DH's Army guys and I'm pretty sure if their hadn't been alcohol these guys would have been even more terrified walking in. It was so funny :)

We ended up getting a lot of good things, and a good amount of stuff off our registry which is always nice! OH! And DH put together the crib, it looks so good! We ordered the dresser and it should be here soon. As soon as we get it and DH puts it together (and the room gets organized!) I'll post pictures. It is super cute and I can't wait to see it all put together!

We have our birthing class through the hospital on Tuesday. And then as soon as that's over we go upstairs to the Women's Center for my 32 week appointment (yes, I realize I'll be 33 weeks...). So not looking forward to being in trouble about my weight. I'll report how much I've gained next time, maybe that way people will feel better when they gain a ton of weight and it's all in the belly. (We'll just ignore the fact mine is also in the butt and thighs...whatever.) HURRY UP JULY....I'm ready for my body back. And I don't even feel bad saying that...

As for baby C, he's getting big. And heavy. He's about 17-18 inches long and just about 4 pounds. Just about 6-7 weeks left! :)

I was looking back through my blog and saw this from 19 Weeks (was I supposed to do this more often...oops!). Enjoy :)
How far along?  32 Weeks, 6 days 
Total weight gain/loss?  We'll find out for sure next week, but I think I'm at like 40 pounds...
Maternity clothes?  Oh boy am I ever. I'm even OUT of some of my maternity clothes. Looks like it'll just be sundresses and skirts for me for the rest of the pregnancy...
Stretch marks? On my thighs (inner and outer)...they are not pretty :(
Sleep?  What's that? I wake up several times a solitaire then go back to bed. It's ridiculous.
Best moment last week? Our baby shower was probably the highlight of the week :)
Movement?  All. The. Time. It's no longer cute little kicks, he is mostly rolling around so I'll get like a knee and/or elbow slide across my belly...which is very uncomfortable.
Food cravings? Fries with ranch dressing. That's pretty much the only thing. I like a lot of things and have random daily "cravings" but I don't like have to have them!
Gender? Boy :)
Labor signs? Nope, just BH.
Belly button in/out? Outish. The top part is out, the actual button sticks out but not all the way out.
What I miss: My body. Sleep. Eating and drinking without heartburn. Reading at night without falling asleep.
What I am looking forward to: In the next week? The birthing class at BACH and our 32 week appt, it's the first one DH will be at!
Milestones: It looks like the main one is his chance of surviving without breathing mechanisms is greatly increased this week. Yay baby C, keep those milestones coming! :)

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