Saturday, July 2, 2011


So I was diagnosed with PUPPPs at my 38 week appointment (though it appeared a week earlier). It is essentially an "allergic" reaction to pregnancy. Apparently there is something in my body that does not like the male hormone, those pesky y chromosomes are causing so much problems :)

Here are some pictures of my rash. It's awful. The rash first showed up on my belly (it normally appears in stretch marks first). It has since spread to my arms (underarms-hands) and legs (butt-feet).

The best things I have found for PUPPPs are Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap, Benadryl cream, Caladryl gel and Aveeno baths. I shower about twice a day and use the pine tar cold/warm water. Never use hot water. It makes things unbearable. (Apparently heat makes it worse, which makes like miserable considering how it's JULY!) I take a bath at night and literally rub the aveeno bath on the spots. It helps a little bit. Benadryl cream and Caladryl gel help...but only temporarily. OH! The best thing ever is using a hair dryer on the cold setting and drying off that way instead of a towel. Kind of like a car wash :)

Belly at it's worst

Side View

My poor fat feet :(


Top of my leg

Looks like I have chicken pox

Poor spotty leg :(

Top of my legs

Fat feet!

The worse part right now is my feet and ankles. They itch like something awful!

Belly now. It's faded a little bit and doesn't itch as bad!


Other arm

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