Monday, February 7, 2011

19 Weeks Pregnant :)

We're almost half way there!! People are starting to forget I have a face and only talk to my belly. I get greeted by "Hi Christopher" more than I am greeted by "Hi Betsy" it seems :)

I was supposed to meet with my doula for the first time today but the snow prevented that, we postponed until next Monday (I really will be half way then!!). Tomorrow I have my second 16-20 week prenatal visit at BACH. I had my first one at 14 weeks (I didn't schedule it they did...) therefore I am having another one. The good thing is I'll be able to hear his heart beat and...well that's pretty much it. There's not a whole lot of exciting things that go on at the 16-20 week. However, next week I have my first official ultrasound!! We had one a few weeks ago at the 4d Peek here, it was a lot of fun and I got to have DH on skype the whole time. He smiled for the entire was amazing :)

I saw a version of this on a friend's blog and decided I wanted to do it too. I may or may not do it every week...we'll see. I'm just impressed I've written as much as I have!

How far along?  19 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  I'm really not sure. Maybe 5 pounds... :(
Maternity clothes?  Yes sir. Maternity jeans. Normal (but DH's :) sweatpants. Or size mediums if they are mine. About half and half maternity and non maternity shirts. I prefer my maternity tank tops though.
Stretch marks? None. So far. Apparently they are genetic and my mom had them, so I'm terrified.
Sleep?  I sleep okay. I wake up night at least once to pee. But other than that I'm pretty comfortable. My back hurts...but only while awake!
Best moment last week? I can't really remember. I feel the baby almost everyday. He's still little so it's not all the time yet. So that's probably the most exciting baby thing this past week.
Movement?  See above comment :)
Food cravings? Hmm...well I joke that I crave food. All food. I say it's because it's a boy :)
Gender? Boy :)
Labor signs? None. If I had them now that would be very bad.
Belly button in/out? In. 
What I miss: My DH. Oh you mean from before I was pregnant?? Hmmm...alcohol. And the weird thing is that I didn't even really drink before. It's almost like because I can't I really want to. And running. I know I can, but not the same. And I get really winded really fast.
What I am looking forward to: Next Wednesday's ultrasound with my momma who is coming up for it :)
Milestones: Hmm...I googled the baby's progress this week and apparently his kidney's are fully functioning! Yeah!!

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